Learning to move

Understand your body, feel what it means to achieve goals, notice how your body can feel stronger and is able to do things more easily as the weeks go by.

Fit Kids

Body confidence

Our Fit Kids learn that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and that’s ok.  Respect yourself & others; always use your words to build each other up.

Fit Kids

Healthy body & mind

Being mindful of how exercise makes you feel is a much-needed life-skill.  Exercise improves cognitive ability, reduces anxiety, promotes concentration and learning, and much much more.

Fit Kids

A love for exercise

Learn that exercise is not sport – It’s a personal journey that can improve your health, well-being and quality of life from when you’re a tiny tot until you’re old and gray!

Fit Kids

About our programmes

Fit Kids is an exercise life-skills programme. Our goal is to teach children that exercise is not sport: it's a personal journey of feeling strong, able, confident and great about yourself. We do this by helping children to see exercise as a powerful tool that can help them in all areas of their lives, not just a means to make the sports team, beat their friends, impress their coach or please their parents.

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In-school classes

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Extra-mural classes

Fit Kids covers the fundamentals of exercise, but more importantly, the way ...
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What Our Clients Say

What I like most about fit kids is that it’s not just about the exercises and activities, it’s about helping children find confidence within themselves to go out and try new things with their body.  That’s the part that’s often missing with so many of these programmes that are more concerned with ticking off items on a lesson plan.

The highlight of Nate’s week is FitKids on a Tuesday. I am always impressed by the coach’s ability to lovingly inspire the group of busy pre schoolers and hold their attention while keeping them enthusiastic. Thank you!

Aymee Loves FitKids!! She came home today and started skipping with a skipping rope! She had never done it before!  She also is very keen to show us how well she can do her burpees!!

It’s done wonders for my James who has thrived on being able to achieve goals. His confidence has grown and he now tries EVERYTHING. Even riding his bicycle off road, which for a very cautious boy is huge. It’s all from the sense of achievement and confidence in his body he gets at fit kids.

So many parents think it’s important for their pre-schooler to start rugby or tennis or dancing as young as 6, or even 5 or 4, but without the kind of base that FitKids is providing, those sport skills are totally pointless.  That’s my view as a teacher anyway.

From Our Blog

Strong Girls | Fit Kids

Don’t tell me ‘girls aren’t as strong as boys’

The other day a teacher I know said (very innocently) that she doesn’t expect girls to do push ups, because girls are built differently and aren’t as strong as boys. She didn’t mean anything by it – she’s a woman, and that’s what she’s always been told by the world around her. Boys are built […]

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Fit Kids

Exercise is a life-skill, not a sport

I’d like you to know that this is my life’s ambition: to see schools, teachers, and parents present exercise to their children as a life-skill; as something completely separate to sport. There are so many benefits to exercise. We all know this, or we think we do, but have you really stopped to think about […]

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Disappointed | Fit Kids

Disappointment is good for children

What do you think your number one job as a parent is? Do you feel like it’s your responsibility to make sure your child is happy all the time?  To make sure that they get whatever they want to make them feel happy?  To avoid them ever feeling unhappy or disappointed? Well, it’s time you let yourself […]

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School holidays | Fit Kids

Our school holiday ideas to keep you all smiling

Wahoooo it’s holidays!!  We hope you’re just as excited as your kiddos are! We really love school holidays, but so many parents don’t feel quite the same way.  The trick is to ‘lightly’ schedule things and have a bit of a routine going, and of course you know we’re going to say that you need to […]

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Belinda Mountain Fit Kids

Interview: Blogger Belinda Mountain from Making Mountains

We’ve recently launched an interview series, aimed at digging a little deeper into how childhood experiences shape the way we feel about exercise in later life.  Part research, part entertainment.  And also, we just like speaking to interesting people. I came across Belinda Mountain around the same time that I came across Ash from Fitmom who featured in […]

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Burgers fit kids

Healthy Recipes: The best burgers ever

I bumped into an old friend the other day who I haven’t seen in a couple of years, and while we were talking about ‘the good old days’, she told me that she’ll never forget the ‘best burgers ever’ that I used to make.  The funny thing was that I made the recipe up one night out […]

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Ash Iovino - FitMomSA

Interview: Ashleigh Iovino from FitMom

We’ve recently launched an interview series, aimed at digging a little deeper into how childhood experiences shape the way we feel about exercise in later life.  Part research, part entertainment.  And also, we just like speaking to interesting people. This week we’re interviewing someone with quite the opposite exercise relationship compared to our previous interviewee, Kathryn Rossiter from Becoming […]

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Fit Kids

An open letter to useless coaches and teachers

An open letter to useless coaches and teachers UPDATE: I need to say that this post was not directly about any one person or school that I work with or interact with. But, there may be elements of these ‘useless coaches’ in ALL OF US who work with children, and we need to check ourselves ALL […]

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Kathryn Rossiter Becoming You

Interview: Kathryn Rossiter from Becoming You

We’ve recently launched an interview series aimed at digging a little deeper into how childhood exercise experiences shape the way people feel about exercise in later life.  Part research, part entertainment.  And also, we just like speaking to interesting people. Our first interview is with Kathryn Rossiter, one of Cape Town’s most well-respected lifestyle, travel and family […]

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Root vegetable pizza Fit Kids

Healthy Recipes: root vegetable pizza

When I ask my kids what they want for supper, the answer is always pizza.  And you know us weird Fit Kids people, we’re always trying to make healthy recipes out of less than healthy foods. So here’s our vitamin and mineral rich version of our family’s favourite food. Ingredients 4 large pizza bases of […]

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Fit Kids

I’m not sporty, but I still like exercise: A few words from Fit Kids’ biggest fan

My wife wrote this article.  I like it because she’s better at writing than me! – Simon. Do you know what I love most about Fit Kids? The possibility that the children Simon and his coaches are working with will end up with a healthier, more fulfilling relationship with exercise than I have. As a very young […]

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Fit Kids Super Hero Charity Dash

Join Fit Kids at the Super Hero Charity Dash

DATE CHANGE: SUNDAY 28TH MAY 2017 One thing that Fit Kids stands for is creating great exercise memories for children and their families – what better way to instil a life-long healthy attitude towards staying active, right?  So when we heard about this really inspired new event concept, the Super Hero Charity Dash, we were all over it. Here’s […]

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Fit Kids instant gratification

On instant gratification: Why learning to wait makes children nicer

Learning to wait for things is a learned habit, and one that we all need to practice, for ourselves and our children. I’m not proud to admit it, but when my WIFI takes too long to load a page, I shout at my screen.  When a car drives too slowly in front of me, I […]

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Fit Kids Simon McQueen

Shaping the way children feel about exercise

I was recently reading the September 2009 President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Research Digest, which found that ‘positive character development achieved through physical activity is linked to positive adult role models.’ This means that the more chances a child has to be exposed to an adult that shows them care and respect, and at the same […]

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Fit Kids

Pineapple Coconut ice lollies

It’s a nice hot day for ice lollies!  These will take you less than a minute to make (yes, we timed ourselves!) Ingredients 1 tin of crushed pineapple 1 tin of coconut milk Method Pour the contents of both tins into a mixing bowl or jug and whizz with a hand blender. Pour into your […]

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Fit Kids

Encourage everyday exercise, not sporting achievement

  If I could give every school a word of advice, it would be this: Separate the practice of exercise from the practice of sport. I’m willing to stick my neck out and say that every single adult who lives a less-than-active lifestyle does so because of a negative association with sport-based exercise as a […]

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Fit Kid

Are our kids overdoing it?

Are our kids overdoing it? Or is it the opposite: do they actually need to move more? This week a mom was telling me that her 8 year old came home and cried for the third Tuesday in a row. School’s too hard, he said. He doesn’t have any friends. The teachers are nasty to […]

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Fit Kids

Cranberry oat breakfast biscuits

We’re a big fan of oats. They’re highly nutritious, packed with fiber, vitamins, minerals, healthy carbs, protein and fats. They’re amongst the most nutrient dense foods you can eat, which is why they’re absolutely the perfect breakfast food for busy children and adults alike, and pretty much a staple in our house all year round. […]

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Fit Kids

Hidden veggies: Chocolate avocado pudding

This avo chocolate pudding had us giggling all weekend! In general our daughter has a problem eating anything that may possibly have been of plant origin.  Avocado’s have been a particular food hate of hers even though the rest of the family can’t get enough of them. So when she spent over an hour savouring this super […]

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Why obstacle course racing is great for Fit Kids

I was really excited to meet the guys from The Grind Obstacle course racing a couple of weeks ago to find out more about their family obstacle course event on 3rd December. I was even more excited when they asked if Fit Kids would like to run their Little G course for kids aged 4 […]

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