Holiday Adventures: The first anniversary

Adventure Party5I grew up fishing off the catwalk, walking up to Peers Cave, catching tadpoles in the wetlands and looking for little creatures on the rocky shore.

To me, these little activities are what make a childhood in Fish Hoek so special, and they’ve left me with a respect for our local environment that I’ve been proud to pass on to the next generation amongst the fun activities in my Fit Kids Holiday Adventures.

We launched the Holiday Adventures programme in the June/July holidays last year, and the response was way beyond my expectations.  Literally hundreds of children have now joined me on these adventures over the last year, and the best part for me is that most of them keep coming back for more!

I’ve got just as much fun planned this holiday :

  • We’ll be hiking up to Peers Cave again which is always a highlight as it’s fairly easy for even the youngest Fit Kids, and will also take a trip up to Elsies Peak to check out the view from Muizenberg to Simonstown.

  • Fishing off the Fish Hoek catwalk is always my most popular adventure for all ages, and I’ve included my Kalk Bay line fishing adventure again this holiday too.  This is mainly for older children from about 8 years, but younger Fit Kids who are keen fishermen can join as well.

  • We’re hoping the whales will show up again for our Rocky Shore adventure to Dalebrook pool.  The tides are just right this holiday for exploring deeper into those rock pools for some really special sea creatures.

Here’s the schedule, or click here to book:

First week of holidays
Tuesday 30th June: Kalk Bay Fishing Adventures (max 12 children)
Wednesday 1st July: Fish Hoek Beach Fishing Adventures
Thursday 2nd July: Hiking Adventure to Peers Cave
Friday 3rd July: Rocky Shore Adventure at the Dalebrook pool (Kalk Bay)

Last week of holidays
Monday 13th July: Kalk Bay Fishing Adventure (max 12 children)
Tuesday 14th July: Hiking Adventure to Elsies Peak
Wednesday 15th July: Fish Hoek Beach Fishing Adventure
Thursday 16th July: Hiking Adventure to Peers Cave
Friday 17th July: Rocky Shore Adventure at the Dalebrook pool (Kalk Bay)

About Simon

I'm a dad, a teacher and a business owner, doing my best to make every day count. I'm determined to shape the way the next generation feel about exercise, and I'm doing this by showing children the difference between enjoying exercise as part of healthy lifestyle, and participating in exercise as a means to perform in sport. I'm also helping parents learn how to include exercise as a normal part of daily life, and working with schools and teachers to change the way they present exercise to children in the foundation years.

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