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How to become a Fit Kids licensee coach

Do you have what it takes to join our team? We’re very excited to have just opened applications for new instructors to join the Fit Kids team, and we can’t wait to start talking to passionate teachers from all over the country who share our vision. Fit Kids is more than a business opportunity: it’s […]

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improve reading skills | Fit Kids

Want to improve reading skills? Practice skipping.

When teaching children to read, what do we usually do?  Read to them, play reading games, point out words to them, encourage them with flash cards, listen to them reading… Conventional wisdom tells us to keep practicing the skill we want to learn. But, more and more evidence is pointing to the fact that children should go […]

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Fit Kid

Top 5 benefits of exercise for children

According to the World Health Organisation, children need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.   This total of 60 minutes doesn’t necessarily need to be all in one go and in a structured environment.  It just means that in total, children should be moving their bodies in a moderate to vigorous way for […]

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Fit Kids Super Hero Charity Dash

Join Fit Kids at the Super Hero Charity Dash

DATE CHANGE: SUNDAY 28TH MAY 2017 One thing that Fit Kids stands for is creating great exercise memories for children and their families – what better way to instil a life-long healthy attitude towards staying active, right?  So when we heard about this really inspired new event concept, the Super Hero Charity Dash, we were all over it. Here’s […]

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Fit Kids Simon McQueen

Shaping the way children feel about exercise

I was recently reading the September 2009 President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports Research Digest, which found that ‘positive character development achieved through physical activity is linked to positive adult role models.’ This means that the more chances a child has to be exposed to an adult that shows them care and respect, and at the same […]

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Fit Kids

Encourage everyday exercise, not sporting achievement

  If I could give every school a word of advice, it would be this: Separate the practice of exercise from the practice of sport. I’m willing to stick my neck out and say that every single adult who lives a less-than-active lifestyle does so because of a negative association with sport-based exercise as a […]

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Why obstacle course racing is great for Fit Kids

I was really excited to meet the guys from The Grind Obstacle course racing a couple of weeks ago to find out more about their family obstacle course event on 3rd December. I was even more excited when they asked if Fit Kids would like to run their Little G course for kids aged 4 […]

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Fit Kids

10 non-boring ideas for spending quality time with your kids

I realised the other day that spending time with my kids is not really quality time unless both of us are enjoying it. When I force myself to play a 4 year old’s game that is beyond boring for me, there’s no fun, and no real connection.  And I’m sure my kids feel the same […]

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Parents: You should let your kids watch more TV!

Don’t you just love the electronic babysitter?  Hours of peace and quiet to get on with important grown up stuff without interruption! You should definitely let your children watch as much TV as they want.  Here’s why: 1.  TV very efficiently uses up time that children might otherwise spend playing, and since children learn best through play, […]

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Fit Kids fishing

Fit Kids winter holiday adventures

In the last few weeks I’ve had many, many conversations that go like this… Simon, what activities have you got on this holiday? Simon, are you doing holiday programmes? Simon, my daughter is desperate to go fishing with you, please let me know what holiday things you’re doing? Simon, my son is dying to go […]

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Why exercise shouldn’t be ‘FUN!!!’

Children’s exercise programmes that are ‘FUN!!!’ drive me crazy. I don’t mean that exercise shouldn’t be fun.  Of course it should.  What I mean is that exercise shouldn’t be ‘FUN!!!’  With at least three exclamation marks. As in, ‘our classes are non-stop fun!!!’ and ‘sign up with us for loads of fun!!!’ and ‘your kids will have […]

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Holiday Adventures: The first anniversary

I grew up fishing off the catwalk, walking up to Peers Cave, catching tadpoles in the wetlands and looking for little creatures on the rocky shore. To me, these little activities are what make a childhood in Fish Hoek so special, and they’ve left me with a respect for our local environment that I’ve been […]

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I’m a fan of children hitting each other with pool noodles

I’m sure parents wonder about my sanity and effectiveness as a teacher when I allow their children to smack each other with pool toys… so by way of explanation, here are some reasons why I find these pool noodle games so valuable. Pool noodle battles are an incredible tool for physical development, not to mention […]

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Off the wall! Line fishing in Kalk Bay

I’ve been running my really popular Holiday Adventures for a couple of holidays now, and it’s really highlighted the need for a programme for older boys and girls to do something a bit more challenging.   Looking around at the other holiday programmes on offer, there’s so much going on in the way of crafts […]

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