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Exercise makes children smarter

Researchers are finding more and more evidence to support the theory that exercise improves brain function and cognition, meaning that exercise makes children smarter. According to this JAMA Network review, ‘In addition to the positive physical and mental health impact of physical activity, there is a strong belief that regular participation in physical activity is linked […]

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Gratitude | Fit Kids

Cultivating gratitude

I have an allergic reaction to entitlement – it really is the worst of our modern culture’s failings. What is entitlement? The belief that one has a right to receive better treatment or privileges or rewards. From children who believe they’re more special than the next guy, to parents who believe that their child is more deserving […]

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Nice kid

How to be a nice kid

Kids, this one’s for you. And if you can’t read yet, hopefully your parents will read this to you. I work with kids like you every day. It’s fun, and I really like it. But sometimes one or two of you forget how to be a nice kid, and that can make it not so fun. […]

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improve reading skills | Fit Kids

Want to improve reading skills? Practice skipping.

When teaching children to read, what do we usually do?  Read to them, play reading games, point out words to them, encourage them with flash cards, listen to them reading… Conventional wisdom tells us to keep practicing the skill we want to learn. But, more and more evidence is pointing to the fact that children should go […]

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