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Article: Setting a good exercise example

Last month I was asked by Mamas and Papas magazine to write an article about exercise which would be helpful to parents. Here are my thoughts, and you can read the published version by clicking here.     SETTING A GOOD EXERCISE EXAMPLE Our children’s little bodies were designed for locomotion – it’s essential for the […]

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I’m a fan of children hitting each other with pool noodles

I’m sure parents wonder about my sanity and effectiveness as a teacher when I allow their children to smack each other with pool toys… so by way of explanation, here are some reasons why I find these pool noodle games so valuable. Pool noodle battles are an incredible tool for physical development, not to mention […]

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Why I’ve banned ‘sharing is caring’ from my classes (and my home!)

We’re all doing our best with our 1 or 2 or 3 or more children. I’m lucky enough to be doing my best with hundreds of children.  Doing my best for them, in the short space of time I have to inspire them every week. And here’s what I know about children:  they’re eager to […]

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