Charne Bacon

Charne’s Fit Kids business operates in the Tableview, Blouberg, Parklands and Sunningdale areas of Cape Town.

Fit Kids Charne BaconIn past few years Charne has had the privilege and incredible life experience of being a Camp Counselor in an American summer camp, living with and teaching children of all ages various skills, but also acting as mentor, friend or sister to the children in her care.  After studying something completely different, Charne came to realise that working with children was what she should really be doing with her life, and through Fit Kids she’s able to combine her love of an active lifestyle with her gift for connecting with children.

What do you believe about children and exercise that makes Fit Kids the right choice for you?

I love that Fit Kids allows me to help children enjoy fitness, and that it’s set up to help them learn new skills that they are able to do at home as well.

Why have you chosen to work with children?

I teach because it brings me joy to see a child learning something new, being challenged, giving their all no matter what, and enjoying it.  I love that every child is unique and challenges us to be our best selves and enjoy every moment.

What’s the most important thing you want children to learn from you?

I want a child to walk away from every lesson having had a good time, but knowing that they have tried their best to achieve higher than they did the previous weeks.  I want them to know that each person is different and maybe someone can do it a little better than them but if they keep trying and practising, they can also get there.  Hard work can also be fun!

Charne can be contacted via email: