Mariette Scholtz

Mariette’s Fit Kids classes operate in the Durbanville area – in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.

Fit KidsMariette is a mom of two, who realised her passion for teaching when home schooling her son in early 2014.  She’s since continued to work with children as a swimming teacher and babyswim instructor, and is always finding new ways to improve her knowledge and skills as an educator.

What do you believe about children and exercise that makes Fit Kids the right choice for you?

When I saw Simon teaching the Fit Kids programme, I immediately knew that Fit Kids was for me.  What I love about Fit Kids is that it promotes a healthy attitude towards exercise.  It’s amazing what kids can learn while they are having fun.  The programme is for both boys and girls, it encourages teamwork and leadership, and also life skills such as thinking skills, people skills & emotional skills to name a few.  It also develops Gross motor & Fine motor skills.

Why have you chosen to work with children?  

Teaching someone else is not just about transferring your knowledge to someone else.  It is about forming relationships, being an example of what you want others to learn from you.  I love working with kids because they are very unpredictable and honest, they challenge me to be a good example of what I expect in return.  My reward is when a child leaves me with a smile on their face, when they achieve something that they didn’t think they were capable of doing.

What’s the most important thing you want children to learn from you?

I want kids to learn that we can have fun doing hard stuff because everything in life is achievable if you have the right attitude.  I always try to work creatively with kids on their level.  I am very empathetic when a child is sad or tired or over-excited or over-stimulated, because I am a mother myself.  I always encourage and motivate them to push through when they don’t feel like it, and in the end-they feel accomplished.

Get in touch with Mariette:


Phone: 079 681 1762