Samantha Pistorius

Sam is a ‘supermom’ of 4 (although she’d hate that we’ve called her that), and teaches Fit Kids in the South Peninsula & Southern Suburbs of Cape Town

Sam was absolutely, wFit Kids ithout a doubt, born to work with children and it really shows!  She’s one of those teachers who children just trust and connect with instantly, and she often comes away from an energetic, inspired Fit Kids class wondering whether it was her or the kids who had more fun!

What is your super power?

X-ray vision. I can “see” kids and meet them where they are at, believing in and encouraging their awesome potential.

What do you most love about working with children?

I love the simplicity of children. Life is not complicated for them. Love them and they love you. Have fun with them and they have fun with you. Believe in them and they shine.

What does exercise mean to you?

I believe that everyone can find some form of exercise that they can enjoy. Our bodies are made to move. Exercising is a major part of enjoying this fact and leads to all kinds of added benefits – health, confidence and a general “feel good” feeling. Our bodies and their ability to move is a gift and exercise is a way to appreciate and make the most of this gift.

What’s your earliest exercise memory?

My first memory of exercising would be taking part in athletics days at Junior School and absolutely loving the relay races. My love of exercise, however, was ignited when I attended Rhodes University and tried my hand at almost everything that was on offer from golf, to karate, to aerobics, to weight training, to cycling and swimming and the rest is history!

Who was your favourite teacher or coach as a child and why?

Hands down Mrs Button my Grade 4 teacher. She was fun, enthusiastic, unbelievably encouraging, kind, consistent, disciplined and brought out the best in me making me believe I could do anything!

Do you have a motto in life?

“It’s never too late!”

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