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DATE CHANGE: JOIN US ON 28 MAY 2017 – The Super Hero Charity Dash, activated by Fit Kids

Fit KidsOne thing that Fit Kids stands for is creating great exercise memories for children and their families.

Partnering with this inspirational new event concept called the ‘Super Hero Charity Dash’ provides the perfect platform for this, with the worthwhile added benefit that children will learn about giving back in a really concrete way.

Read more about what we have to say about the event here.

3 December 2016 – join the Fit Kids team at Zone 7 for the ‘Little G’ obstacle course race

Fit kids the grind obstacle course‘Little G’ is The Grind Obstacle Course Racing‘s baby brother.  So while mom, dad, aunties, uncles (and maybe even gran and grandpa?) enjoy the challenge and camaraderie of the 6km or 12km obstacle courses (with loads of cool prizes), your little guys and gals can experience their own 1 km mud run course designed especially for kids aged from 4 years old – powered and staffed by Fit Kids!

Come and join us for a really fun day of entertainment and action, with a course including mud pits, army crawling, cargo nets, inflatables and more.

More info and entry details here.

12 to 22 December 2016 – Fit Kids Holiday Adventures – Always a highlight!

Fit Kids Holiday ActivitiesYes, it’s that time of year again – holiday adventures are back!

Don’t sit at home and be bored this holiday, or spend hours on the couch glued to some screen or other.  We’ve got hiking, fishing, beach games and green belt adventures lined up to make sure your days are spent doing what kids should be doing with their school holidays.

Come and make some new friends, burn some energy, learn a bit about our beautiful city, and experience the freedom and exhilaration of trying something new.  What are you waiting for, book now!

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