Just move! 5 minutes is all you need

‘We’re living in a society where nobody moves anymore’ – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins got me thinking this week.  I was thinking about how easy it is in our lives these days to NOT move.  We have cars, TV remotes, delivery services… The focus of progress seems to be on helping us move less.  ‘Progress’ seems synonymous with ‘less effort’.  Why is that?

Fit Kids

I think it’s because most of us have been conditioned to believe that moving is to be avoided.  Not moving is easier than moving, therefore moving must be bad.

The world around us is sending us signals all the time that we need to move less.

No wonder it’s so hard to believe the research, opinions and marketing that keeps telling us that we need to move more!  No wonder so many people find it so hard to integrate even a tiny bit of exercise into their daily lives.

And no wonder global obesity rates are soaring, depression is on the rise, and our children’s generation is set to become the first generation in history to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

So what can we do about it?  Make a small daily change for you and your family, and train your brain to enjoy it.

You don’t need a big plan, a personal trainer, a gym contract.  You just need to make the smallest of changes for your family.  Five minutes of something cardiovascular is five minutes more than you did yesterday.  Five minutes might be less than the recommended daily amount, but it’s still five minutes of moving instead of sitting on the couch!  What you do with that five minutes doesn’t matter – walk, run, jump, ride, skip, dance, spin around, whatever you want.  Do it in the house, out the house, in your workout gear, in your PJs, in front of the TV… Just move.  But, and this is key, make sure you focus on what you enjoy about it and how good it makes you feel, because that’s what will make sure you do it again tomorrow.

When you’ve done it, celebrate yourself for having done something today.  And when you’ve done it for a week, take a moment to notice how much easier it is with daily practice.

What’s most important to me about this daily practice is that your children will notice you modelling a good relationship with exercise.

Parents are the number one influencers of their children’s relationship with exercise, so if you’re doing it and enjoying it, they’re far more likely to do the same.

So get up, get moving, and help me on my mission to change the way children feel about exercise.




About Simon

I'm a dad, a teacher and a business owner, doing my best to make every day count. I'm determined to shape the way the next generation feel about exercise, and I'm doing this by showing children the difference between enjoying exercise as part of healthy lifestyle, and participating in exercise as a means to perform in sport. I'm also helping parents learn how to include exercise as a normal part of daily life, and working with schools and teachers to change the way they present exercise to children in the foundation years.

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