Suzie Thomas

Suzie teaches Fit Kids in the Tokai, Kirstenhof, Bergvliet & Constantia areas of Cape Town.

Fit KidsSuzie is a mom of two who has been coaching a mini gymnastics program to children aged 18 months to 5, for the past 3 and a half years.

What do you believe about children and exercise that makes Fit Kids the right choice for you?

Any form of exercise is an absolute must for children nowadays. What I like about Fit Kids is that anyone regardless of fitness and aptitude level can participate. It has been developed so that each and every kid can enjoy exercise

Why have you chosen to work with children?   

Watching a child’s confidence, ability and love for exercise develop is very satisfying and is reward in itself. A child’s development during their early years is the most important and being part of it is special.

What’s the most important thing you want children to learn from you? 

The most important thing I want them to take away from a lesson is confidence. Confidence is an essential life skill. I naturally encourage the kids during my classes, making it fun at the same time. I have many years’ experience in team sports, gymnastics and dancing so all the skills I have learned I can pass on to the children. I think kids need to learn that hard work pays off. Kids give up too easily nowadays. I don’t “accept” I can’t. I show them that they can. All I ask is that they try. I like to believe that the kids I have coached walk away enjoying the lesson, have learnt at least one new skill, have mastered something they have been working hard at, and feel confident with their bodies.

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