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Fit Kids is an extra-mural movement programme, delivered by only the most inspired and inspiring coaches around, and designed to plant the seeds of a life-long positive relationship with exercise for pleasure, well-being and health

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What Our Clients Say

What I like most about fit kids is that it’s not just about the exercises and activities, it’s about helping children find confidence within themselves to go out and try new things with their body.  That’s the part that’s often missing with so many of these programmes that are more concerned with ticking off items on a lesson plan.

The highlight of Nate’s week is FitKids on a Tuesday. I am always impressed by the coach’s ability to lovingly inspire the group of busy pre schoolers and hold their attention while keeping them enthusiastic. Thank you!

Aymee Loves FitKids!! She came home today and started skipping with a skipping rope! She had never done it before!  She also is very keen to show us how well she can do her burpees!!

It’s done wonders for my James who has thrived on being able to achieve goals. His confidence has grown and he now tries EVERYTHING. Even riding his bicycle off road, which for a very cautious boy is huge. It’s all from the sense of achievement and confidence in his body he gets at fit kids.

So many parents think it’s important for their pre-schooler to start rugby or tennis or dancing as young as 6, or even 5 or 4, but without the kind of base that FitKids is providing, those sport skills are totally pointless.  That’s my view as a teacher anyway.

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Fit Kids

My, how 2014 has flown!

Fit Kids has attracted an astounding amount of interest and support during its first few months of existence, launching itself into the Fish Hoek valley a whole 8 months ago.  So, I’m taking this opportunity to say “thank you” to YOU, and everyone involved. I started out in April 2014 as ‘The Fit Life’, and thought that […]

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