Extra-mural classes

Early childhood is the optimal time to learn and develop fundamental movement skills – those essential basics that set children up for learning, developing physical skills and abilities, building brain connections, laying the foundation for┬ásport skills, and more.

In fact, research shows that fundamental movement skills are only fully developed by age 8, meaning that children who are given a solid foundation of exercise life skills in their early years, will be far better equipped for success in school and sports later on.

Fit Kids is an exercise life skills program of the highest quality, designed to ensure that children get exactly what their little bodies need to develop and master fundamental movement skills.

What keeps us at the top of our game is our expert panel – a carefully selected group of professionals who share the same goal: to equip children with exercise life skills that not only address all of their developmental needs and set them up for success, but also build confidence and self-esteem, making children feel great about what their unique body is capable of achieving.

Our extra-mural classes are held once or twice per week at schools or private venues.

Classes are available for toddlers and children between the ages of 18 months and 8 years, with an add-on program for 9 to 12 year olds, all of which are available depending on the particular coach’s area of specialty.

Read more about our classes here.

Please get in touch to find out about classes in your area.